Hi!IMG_4508 I’m Natasha and welcome to my blog! Half Scot, half Slovene, British-born lass here living in Washington, D.C., after some years living and traveling in Asia. But this isn’t a travel blog, this site is about good food, simple cooking and my love for both – and let me tell you: I love food. I’m not a professional chef, but come from a long line of astonishingly good and fearsome cooks and have had enough people tell me my food tastes brilliant to convince me I am ready to write this blog and share the wealth. From an early age my mother taught me the importance of fresh ingredients, simple flavors and good presentation, and I found even as a small nipper that I was at my happiest with my nose buried in a cookbook or my hands covered in confectioner’s sugar when icing a cake. I know we’ve only just met, but I’ll let you in on a secret: I sometimes lie awake at night excited about recipes I’m going to try, or get up at 5 a.m. to put together menus for dinner parties for my friends. If you’re anything like me, or even if you’ve never tried to make something more ambitious than a grilled cheese, there will be something on this blog for you.

Pulling off  “fine dining” or a complicated dish in your own kitchen is no easy feat. Sometimes it makes sense to follow a recipe step by step – other times going off page and adding your own flair is an even better choice. I’ll show you examples of both. I also understand that your pantry or fridge is not always stocked with those gourmet, exotic ingredients that always seem needed to make the trendy recipes on TV and in the newest bibles of gastronomy. I’ll show you how to make even the simplest, everyday foods look impressive so that you too can plop down a plate in front of your impressed loved ones and say, “This? Oh this is just something I whipped up.” (And mean it)

I hope you enjoy, and if you have any feedback or questions or need suggestions for a menu for an upcoming event, be it a breakfast with your dad, a dinner for 12 of your colleagues or just a picnic – drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help! Natasha xo


Slumcat Millionaire

Feline love of my life. Our eyes first met across a sandwich shop trash can when I was living in Bombay… 5 years later, she is living the American dream with me in D.C. Lucky girl!

Director of Canine Destruction

Known affectionately as “Dorito Paws” around the house for his not-so-delicate smelling furry feet, this little Shiba Inu has brought both untold joy and havoc to our lives. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

VP Romantic Services

The shoulder at the end of a long day, the taster of all my foods (even the vegan ones), washer of all dishes and staunch supporter of this site. Without Mr Toler I’d probably be cooking microwave meals for one, instead I am inspired every day. Thank you!



Musings on food, service and ambience as I munch my way through the Capital’s eateries. Also featuring the occasional hotspots from our travels.


Hosting a special event or dinner and not sure what to cook? Email me and I can propose the perfect combination of dishes.


Recipes and tricks from my humble kitchen helping you to whip up delicious dishes from scratch.

Supper Club

Proof is in the pudding! A chance to dine with me, meet the fam and find out if the hype is real. Partnering with eatwith.com I will be hosting regular supper clubs chez moi. Check back soon for dates


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